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Odawara wives fan club

To our foreign customers, please be aware that none of our female workers are able to speak English.

You will be able to communicate through the use of a translation app, however it may not be able to convey more nuanced phrases or small details. Please be sure to read the information and terms of service carefully before using our service.
Please direct any questions you may have to our LINE, facebook, or gmail accounts.
*we are unable to answer questions over the phone

Our service does not engage in prostitution. The purchase of sexual acts involving genital contact is strictly prohibited by Japanese law. As this is what's called an "erotic massage", the massage is finished (the customer is brought to ejaculation) by either the girl's mouth or hands only.


Service Outline

Please choose a girl from the page below:

We only accept same-day reservations.
You are unable to reserve a massage ahead of time.

Once you have decided on a girl, please make a reservation with the name of the girl, start time, and course that you desire.
If the girl you requested is not available, a different girl will be recommended to you.
Please copy the format below, fill it in, and send it to us to make your reservation.

Customer's Name:
Girl's Name:
Start Time:
Course (Length):

Customer's Name: Michael
Girl's Name: Erika
Start Time: 15:00
Course (Length): 120 minutes
Once you have made your reservation, please go to a love hotel by yourself at least 5 minutes before your reservation start time and contact us with the hotel name and your room number.
Please choose a hotel from the page below:

Please make sure that you have checked into the hotel and entered your room before your reservation time begins. If you enter your room at the incorrect time under any circumstance, you will not be reimbursed for the room fee.

Terms of Service

Please read the following carefully before using our service.
By contacting us you agree to the terms of service. Any customer who does not keep to the terms, or should any of the girls we employ suspect that the terms have not been or will not be kept to, will be refused

・Persons under 20 years old are prohibited from using our service
・The negotiation, coercion, or initiation of sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited
・Any actions that make the girls feel uncomfortable are strictly prohibited
・Payments are to be made in Japanese yen only
・The use of the same hotel room by multiple customers is strictly prohibited
・Use of our service by persons who have consumed a large amount of alcohol or are under the influence of drugs is strictly prohibited
・Use of our service by persons who refuse to shower or bathe before the massage is strictly prohibited
・Use of our service will be denied to anyone who causes physical or mental distress for our girls by any actions or words
・Use of our service will be denied if there is any suspicion the session may be recorded in any audio and/or video manner
・Once the girl has removed her clothing and/or the customer has touched her, you are unable to change girls or cancel the massage.
・Use of our service by persons with any sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, or infectious diseases is strictly prohibited (service may be denied if the girls suspect a customer has any such condition)

A member of our staff will enter the room at the first sign of any trouble.
Should the massage be cancelled for any of the above reasons, there will be no refunds. In addition, when applicable we will charge a minimum of 1 million yen for damages. A copy of your passport will be taken to the police and proper authorities, and legal action will be considered.

*We accept no responsibility in the event that legal proceedings take a long time and you are unable to return to your country on the expected date of departure.

*It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our employees. We do not accept customers who are unable to follow the terms outlined by our service.

Payments must be made at the start of the session. Please pay the girl directly when she arrives.

Have fun!